Terms & Conditions

Terms of Payment: The Terms of Payments for all purchases are: System Purchase Not on Finance 60% deposit of the GST inclusive value of the system purchased when placing the purchase order. The balance is required to be paid on the installation date of the system purchased. System Purchase on Finance On acceptance of the finance by the finance company a deposit of 12.5% to 30 % may be requested by the finance company.

This is paid upon ordering the system as soon as the deposit amount is confirmed by the finance company.
Purchases made after the System Purchase All purchases under $ 500 (excl GST) payment is required 14 days after the invoice is issued. Purchases exceeding $500 (excl GST) require a 60% deposit of the GST inclusive value of the purchased amount when placing the purchase order.
A monthly late payment interest charge of 5% per month of the overdue balance of an account that is not paid on time MAY be charged at the discretion of POSbiz Limited. Any agency collection costs incurred for outstanding debt collection will be passed on to the debtor.

Monthly Support Payment of the Support Contract fees is made by way of Direct Debit via GoCardless on the 15th of each month for that months Subscription, or by written agreement with POSbiz Limited. Service/Consumable Invoices Invoices issued for Service jobs or Consumables Orders are due 14 days from the date of invoice.

POSbiz Limited will bill service jobs on completion of the job. Unpaid/Overdue Invoices A monthly late payment interest charge of 5% per month of the overdue balance of an account that is not paid on time MAY be charged at the discretion of POSbiz Limited. Any agency collection costs incurred for outstanding debt collection will be passed on to the debtor.

Title of Ownership: Full title of ownership of equipment and software provided remains with POSbiz Limited until payment is received in full.

POSbiz Limited retain the right to remove all or part of the equipment if full payment is not received within 60 days of the installation of the equipment and software. The End User is only licensed for the POSbiz Software suite at the site it is specifically sold to and the end user does not acquire any proprietary rights to the software. The POSbiz Software is not transferable to another end user or site.

Definitions: Support is defined as phone and remote assistance for the POSbiz Software only.

Hardware/Infrastructure: Is the physical equipment and peripherals that the POSbiz Point of Sale Software is installed on and uses, or the utilities in use to use POSbiz Software, such as Wifi and networks, cabling and power. Issues relating to hardware and infrastructure are not covered under Software Support.

Service: is defined as requests for work to be completed onsite or within the POSbiz software, or anything relating to hardware or peripherals or software outside of POSbiz, whether completed onsite or remote. Service Jobs are charged for by POSbiz Limited.

 Maintenance: Software upgrades and bug fixes provided from time to time by POSbiz. Labour charges may be incurred for the installation of upgrades to the software outside of office hours.

Licence: A licence for the end user to operate the POSbiz Software Training Training will be quoted for all modules of POSbiz Purchased. This may be delivered in multiple sessions. Over a period of time as staff come and go, additional training or on-site support may be required. Additional training can quoted for by POSbiz staff. Customisation & Development The software provided is delivered as standard and as demonstrated. Any additional requirements that are not part of the system or the purchase agreement will be provided after a quotation for the development has been provided and accepted by the user. Any additional development that is part of the purchase agreement will be specified and signed by POSbiz and the User. POSbiz will not accept fault for any requirements that were not provided by the user prior to the acceptance of the sale and purchase agreement. POSbiz will always attempt to resolve all requirements within the existing software before looking at additional software development.

Network Infrastructure: The Network for your site is not included in this proposal and is the responsibility of the client. The installation cannot proceed until the Network has been established by a registered electrician. POSbiz will check the Network status as part of the Pre Installation Check List carried out by our installation team.

Rates and Charges: Rates and Charges will be quoted at the time of service. These can be asked for at any time through our Support Team.

Remote Access and Maintenance: All POSbiz installations include the installation of a support tool to allow remote access to the POS by POSbiz Support/Technicians. This allows for remote access sessions for POSbiz Support to assist in resolving issues or offering training, as well as upgrades and software maintenance.

End User Responsibility: The End User must provide a system administrator as the single point of contact for POSbiz support. It is recommended that you keep your POSbiz system upgraded to the latest version at all times. POSbiz support personnel may identify the need for a POSbiz Software upgrade. POSbiz reserves the right to upgrade the POSbiz software to a newer version at any time. Labour charges may be incurred for this service. At all times the End User must provide assistance to POSbiz to resolve any issue and in the event that the support line is busy it is expected that the End User will provide suitable details on the message service including Company Name, Contact Name, Phone Number and details of the support requirement in order to assist the support staff return the end user’s call.

Hardware: Hardware can be provided for the POSbiz Point of Sale Software. POSbiz Limited does not hold the warranty for any hardware, this is between the end user and the supplier. All warranties for hardware purchased through POSbiz Limited are 'back to base', and are required to be assessed by POSbiz Limited technicians. This is not covered under the warranty process. Any Hardware purchased from other sources cannot be serviced by POSbiz Limited.

Loan Equipment: POSbiz understands that providing a mission critical solution is a responsibility that all POSbiz staff take seriously. POSbiz invests in a stock of loan equipment that is provided to clients when their equipment needs to be removed to be repaired. In this instance a weekly charge for the loan equipment is made if the equipment is on site for longer than 3 days. Where new equipment is ordered, or warranty repairs are being done then loan equipment will only be charged for one week. In the event the faulty equipment cannot be repaired, or a repair charge is required, then loan equipment can remain on site for more than a week to enable the repaired/replacement unit to be installed. Any delay in approval may result in a further weekly rental charges or the loan equipment being removed and used on another site.

Liability: POSbiz Limited takes the operation of your business very seriously. In the unlikely event of a system failure then POSbiz will look to provide a resolution as soon as possible. In the unlikely event that compensation is sought then “the customer” acknowledges that the liability for POSbiz is limited to a maximum of the last 12 months of support contract payments.

Term & Termination: Software Subscription and Maintenance agreement continues for the life of using POSbiz Point Of Sale. The agreement ends when the POSbiz software is no longer in use. Standard termination notice of 30 days should be given.

Agreement Review: This agreement will be reviewed periodically. This includes the monthly Software Maintenance & Support fee. Any changes will be communicated to the Primary Admin.

Travel and Accommodation Unless otherwise stated in writing: All Travel, Transfers, Accommodation and Installation expenses (including meals) will be invoiced at actual costs for all POSbiz staff involved in the installation and training or on-site support. Cancellation In the unlikely event that the POSbiz system sale and purchase agreement is cancelled prior to installation, a full refund of any deposits paid less an administration and cancellation fee of $395 (including GST) will be provided.