Some common FAQs for our Rebrand

Why is Menumate rebranding?

With the new ownership of Menumate POS by Menumaster Limited and a development team based here in Christchurch, New Zealand we have taken the POS in a new and improved direction and have the best version of Menumate there has ever been. We believe that POSbiz is the right POS for any hospitality business.

How will the rebrand affect your business?

The rebrand itself will not affect your business. All current agreements will remain valid and in place. Upgrading to the POSbiz version of the POS software is just like any other upgrade, but unlocks all of improvements and features we have added to the POS. We have kept the layout and use of POSbiz exactly the same as Menumate, so for making and processing sales there is no change of process. Check out videos of the new software in action at help.posbiz.co.nz 

How can you get the new brand or new features?

We will be reaching out to all users of Menumate who are on support to offer them an upgrade for free. The support team will also be offering an upgrade whenever they see or hear of a customer having an issue with something that has been fixed in POSbiz. Alternatively, if you see something that you want or that will help your business then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to request an upgrade on support@posbiz.co.nz

Will your software automatically update?

No. We will not be updating your Menumate POS without consent. We will be reaching out to all customers who pay monthly Software Maintenance & Support to offer them the upgrade for free. We already have over 130 customers running POSbiz. 

Is there anything you need to do?

No. There is nothing that you need to do. We will continue to support all Menumate users. There is no bank account change, there is no need to change any Automatic Payments or Direct Debits that are in place.

Can you still use your current support channels?

Yes. All existing support channels will remain in place. While there will be new POSbiz channels, all existing channels will be received by the support team. You will see us replying to emails from our new POSbiz brand.

Can you still access all your old sales data?

Yes. All sales data will still be accessible.
There will be reporting set up to access all historical data, as well as all data going forward.

Are there any POS limitations?


We can no longer upgrade any POS that are on Windows XP.
Windows XP stopped being supported by Microsoft in 2014 and no longer receives security updates from Microsoft.
Windows XP was last supplied from hardware purchased pre 2013.
We would recommend taking the time to check the operating system of all your POS by using Chrome or Internet Explorer on each POS and visiting www.whatsmyos.com

For more information on Windows XP end of life, please visit