From Menumate to POSbiz

In May 2019 the Menumate Point of Sale software was brought from its previous ownership by Steve Wakefield and Mike Chisholm.

Under their directorship they appointed a new General Manager, Cameron Arney, to guide the company through their new phase.

Cameron had worked in the hospitality and tourism industry for over 10 years before joining the Menumate team in 2015.

Cameron and his experienced team have been working hard, appling real industry knowledge and technical expertise to bring the Menumate software that has been servicing the hospitality industry for over 15 years into the 21st century.

In late 2020 we were excited to release the Menumate software rebranded as POSbiz. This was putting our hard work to the test in the real world, and it was paying off. We have the best version of Menumate there has ever been and with that we have an official release of POSbiz in early 2021.

POSbiz is New Zealand owned and based in Christchurch.

We have customers all across New Zealand and Australia, and as far away as Europe and the UK.

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