Customer Loyalty

Basic Loyalty

If you are just after a platform for your customers to earn and spend points - this is the one for you!

Every time a member scans there membership card and purchases they earn points.

1 Point = NZD $1.00

Customers can then use these points to purchase from your store.

Customize points earning down to an item level

Loyalty and Vouchers

Are you looking to send vouchers to your members so they are enticed to spend in store?

With POSbiz Loyalty and Vouchers you can do just that. Automatically send vouchers for signing up to you loyalty program, birthday vouchers for their birthday month or a thank you voucher after their first purchase at your store.

Want to offer a special - this can be done also. Vouchers are linked to memberships so you can specify how many times they can be used and for what dates

Add an App

Do you want to move away from plastic, or don't want your staff touching every members card?

Add a branded app to your loyalty program. Customers can download, sign up, view their points and scan at the POS all from their own phone.

Add Gift Cards

Why not offer gift cards with our fully integrated Gift Card system.

This tracks the balance on every card, so you can promote visiting your store in the form of a gift card!